Yeah i post/reblog a lot of Danganronpa related things, its just great. Also other animu and mango related things. I love Chiaki Nanami and she is an amazing character. I dont fucking know why youre reading this, just fuckin look at the posts............pls im so unpopular ;-;



a comic by 西条マサヒロ

translated by anonymous, typeset by me

kind of had to do some weird stuff to get it within tumblr’s 10-image limit, so use this imgur album if you want to get a better view




Me as I enter the Fandom

shut the fuck up



Just finished Neon Genesis Evangelion, End of Evangelion, and all the rebuild movies in about two weeks. I feel like I need a long shower and an even longer nap…my brain is pretty much pudding at this point. 

I think I like the original show best, it was just brilliant (in a dirty, messed-up kind of way). Shinji and Asuka have such an…interesting relationship. 

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