Animu and mango related things.


You suffered a lot because nobody could hear your voice. Back then, if we could have heard each other’s voices, everything would have been so much better. All we did was hurt each other. We never used our voices. And now, i understand. What your voice was saying back then. You and Me can we be… friends? 



Koe no Katachi:The cute Nishimiya sisters.


Koe No Katachi - Chapter 45



in which making Nishimiya smile is a new goal of Ishida’s life. (and mine)

You never know how many funny stories about ducks this guy actually knows…Don’t ask me why ducks, just look at his proud face>:D



"Ishida! Look this way!"



Finally read the new chapter of Koe no Katachi.



*Ishida mistakes ‘Suki’ (I like you) for ‘Tsuki’ (moon)


"it’s about time you kissed her"



I’ve been catching up with Koe no Katachi for the whole night and it’s wonderful! A recommended read  :D


Actually, I heard something even happier from my little sister today. That you helped her when she ran away from home, that you went looking for me with her. Thank you very much!

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